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ProFundCom Launches Powerful New Predictive Software for Email Marketing

Published: 7 February, 2014

ProFundCom, the trusted leader in email marketing for the finance sector, has added an impressive new weapon to its armoury in the shape of Engagemetric Heuristics.

Engagemetric Heuristics now enables marketers to predict which prospects are likely to become investors and which investors are potentially looking to redeem. It works by tracking readership and engagement across emails, fact sheets and websites and merging that with meeting and investment information held in Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs). It is designed to work with all leading CRMs and email platforms.

The artificial intelligence technology behind the system is the type used by cutting-edge firms such as new Google-acquisition DeepMind and has been specifically developed for the financial sector by the technical team at ProFundCom.

“Having worked with hedge funds and asset managers for the last decade, it is clear that the real power of ProFundCom is helping our clients manage and analyse their communications in a way that boosts investments and, reduce redemptions, so we are always looking for ways to deliver to our clients in that capability,” says Paul Das, ProFundCom Founder and Managing Director. “Engagemetric Heuristics is a game-changer in this regard as it brings CRM, marketing and sales together to predict who is most likely to attend meetings and actually invest, as well as who is looking to redeem. This information is gold dust in business terms and has been a massive benefit to our early-adopter clients.”

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