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Increase your email engagement with ProFundCom’s new service

Published: 22 January, 2014

At ProFundCom, we are constantly reviewing our service to identify what we can do to help our clients and trialists more.

With that in mind we have just launched a free annnual email template review for all our clients. We will let some of the finest email designers in the business look at the layout and format of your emails and suggest changes that will increase engagement.

Our Commercial Director, who came up with this excellent idea,will tell you more:

“Our goal at ProFundCom is to increase email engagement and we have found that a regular but subtle refresh of email layout and format makes a huge difference. That’s why we have decided to work with some of our trusted partners in offering an annual design review and refresh. Whilst ProFundCom is firmly committed to being a product company, we feel this service will be a massive benefit to all our clients.” Steven D’Aulby, ProFundCom Commercial Director.

Don’t forget this new service is part of your ProFundCom package – it won’t cost you a bean – so please get in touch with us today to increase the success of your email marketing.

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