ProFundCom Effects 100% Email Delivery For ClearView Financial Media

Published: 7 October, 2012

Experts in email marketing for financial services, ProFundCom has successfully delivered a solution to ClearView Financial Media that has resulted in 100% of the firm’s marketing and promotional emails being delivered.

“At ClearView, we have over 3 million emails being processed every month with marketing and events related content. Getting these reliably delivered to financial institutions has been a continual issue for us with a delivery rate as low as 70% and an open rate in the single figures. Working with the ProFundCom email platform, we have successfully got to 100% deliverability to financial and institutional mailing lists and have implemented a successful bounce-management process. Our open rates and click-through rates are at an all-time high and we are delighted at the results we have achieved with ProFundCom,” said Hugo Chamberlain, founder and director at ClearView Financial Media.

“We at ProFundCom are delighted that ClearView Financial Media has improved its service and is now able to confidently promote its message, events schedule and offering. Getting 100% email delivery to financial institutions has given ProFundCom‘s clients an edge and we hope to continue to work closely with the industry and our clients to build on this success,” said founder and managing director of ProFundCom Paul Das.

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