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ProFundCom Featured App: Lead Deck

Published: 10 May, 2020

There is such a thing as too much data.

With the ever-increasing rise of digital, financial services marketing teams are tasked with executing multiple campaigns – across multiple channels – and all in a seamless and timely manner.

As a result of all these campaigns, they must then generate engagement reports to distribute to sales teams. But they are faced with huge amounts of data and engagement analytics coming in from various sources. And the time spent slicing and dicing this data is becoming an enormous burden, especially as marketing is often one of the smallest departments in an organisation.

Projects slip, reports are inaccurate, deadlines go unmet and, when marketing teams are under pressure to demonstrate campaign value and the impact their work is having on the entire sales funnel, they are left frustrated and facing scrutiny from management.

So, what’s needed is for engagement data analysis to be an automated process, so information can be pushed into an organisation’s CRM and sales teams can easily access up-to-date engagement stats.

The ProFundCom LeadDeck automatically analyses engagement data and allows sales and marketing teams to get real-time alerts of website visitors, new digital behaviour, and new prospect activity. It also produces a list of prospects that the ProFundCom AI algorithm has identified as ready for a sales call. Contacts can be scored based on an organisation’s preferences and the LeadDeck can also be embedded into any CRM, so sales and marketing teams can both work efficiently from one system. What’s more, you can build automations – so teams can set specific rules and triggers for contacts and originate workflows based on behaviour.

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