ProFundCom Automation App improved with additional features

Published: 14 March, 2016

The ProFundCom Automation App which is used to automatically sent a particular individual a specific email when that person meets a certain readership criteria.

This App has has some significant enhancements including the Workflow Engine.

The Workflow Engine is the app that allows ProFundCom users to schedule and set the triggers for their automated emails. Workflow types are separated into two general categories: activity-based or date-based. Each workflow functions differently and should be used for certain situations.

Activity-Based Workflows – These workflows trigger based on actions, like when someone clicks a link or subscribes to your list.

  • The first email in the workflow sends when a subscriber meets the trigger criteria.
  • After the first email, the delay times are relative, which means they’re based on when the previous email in the workflow was sent.
  • After a subscriber triggers an activity-based workflow once, they can’t trigger it again.
  • After a subscriber receives the first email in a workflow, they’ll receive every email in the series in sequence, unless they are removed from the workflow.

Date-Based Workflows – These workflows trigger based on an absolute date, like a birthday. A delay time can be a number of days before or after the absolute date. The delay times appear on a timeline before, after, or on the trigger date.

The enhancements are expected to assist ProFundCom’s clients to automate mailing to

  • Prospects/investors that have suddenly started reading your information
  • Prospects/investors that are continually reading your information
  • Prospects/investors that have stopped reading your information

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