Published: 14 October, 2022

ProFundCom Announce Release of ProFundCom’s Investor Portal

Short on the heels of ProFundCom’s CRM solution, we have built out our Investor Portal.

As digital investment and transformation increases in alternative asset management, so does the requirement for investor portals. The ProFundCom Investor Portal allows clients to send investors their distributions with a few clicks on their computer. You can send distributions for multiple deals and manage these distributions all from one central location.

The ProFundCom Investor Portal delivers trackable and workflow-based content to investors and related parties. The ProFundCom Investor portal tracks what investors are doing, when and how they engage with documents, which can be used to have informed conversations.

The benefits of the ProFundCom Investor Portal are:

  • Automation: Manage investor reporting in less time and with fewer staff resources.
  • Communication: Security that protects client information.
  • Reporting: Update investors on the status of documents and report internally on engagement.
  • Customisation: White label your ProFundCom Investor Portal to match the look and feel of your brand and website.


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