Product & Service Notification 24th February 2018

Published: 22 February, 2018

Support for Chinese and Japanese characters
Section: Template Manager
Description: The email templates and mail servers now fully support all Chinese, Japanese and Kanji characters.

Impact: Minimal
Section: Template Manager
Description: The pre-flight checks now include a MiFID 2 compliance test which covers all the regulations for digital communication content and compliance.

Mail Server Deployment
Impact: Moderate
Section: Core Platform
Description: The mail servers have successfully been deployed across the globe in the US, UK, Europe and Asia, reducing latency and increasing the speed of email delivery. As we also virus check every single email that goes out the infrastructure upgrade has been a significant investment.

report Dashboard Columns
Impact: Minimal
Section: report Manager
Description: All reporting columns in the Report Dashboard are consistent to ease the interpretation of the activity reports.

Iconography and Menu Look and Feel
Impact: Minimal
Section: Core Platform
Description: There will be some minor changes to the menus’ look and feel in the coming weeks which will only be visual with no material changes to position or functionality. We will also be adding additional iconography to the various sections of the platform to give it a more consistent feel.

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