Product & Service Notification 22nd October 2017

Published: 17 October, 2017

Background Builds of Email
Impact: Minimal
Section: Send Wizard
Description: End-users now have the ability to send emails without waiting for the emails to have been written to the email queue in the foreground. This process is now by default set to run in the background. Once the background process has completed the wizard window will notify you after which the emails can be sent.

Internet Explorer Support
Impact: Moderate
Section: Core Platform
Description: Significant non-standard implementations of Microsoft Edge and Explorer means we will not be supporting Microsoft browsers from January 1st, 2018. Once Microsoft make their browsers compliant we will support them which is expected to be Q1 2018.

Context Menu Changes
Impact: Minimal
Section: Core Platform
Description: The context menus have added icons so as to be more intuitive to the end-users. The Quick report section has been removed as these are accessible from the main menu Reports section.

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