Microsoft Relationship Sales, which combines LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and ProFundCom’s CRM Connector, is now generally available.

Published: 17 July, 2017

Nestled among some major announcements during the Microsoft Inspire conference in Washington D.C. this week was news of updates to its Dynamics 365 cloud enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management package. This includes Dynamics 365 getting a major LinkedIn data integration in conjunction with ProFundCom’s CRM Connector.

“With relationship-centred insights, sellers can deliver the authentic and personal engagement that today’s buyers demand, at scale,” blogged Alysa Taylor, general manager of Global Marketing for the Cloud and Enterprise Business Applications and Industry at Microsoft. “The solution brings together disparate data across CRM, social networks, and productivity systems, such as Office 365 and LinkedIn so sellers can finally make sense of the data they already have and unify the sales experience around relationships.”

“Integrating ProFundCom’s CRM Connector enhances Microsoft’s new LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 release by adding digital engagements, AI and machine learning to the Microsoft Dynamics platform.,” said Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom at the Microsoft launch. “”ProFundCom continues to innovate and invest in ensuring clients maximize the ROI from their Microsoft Dynamics 365 and digital platforms – this is a game-changer for sales and marketing teams.”

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