How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Online Event Attendance by 30%

Published: 31 March, 2020

When you introduce marketing automation into your processes it is first crucial to set some realistic expectations.

What do you care about as a company? What do you want to achieve? And what is realistic?

A common marketing expectation is to drive attendance at events – as they are such a good vehicle for attracting new investors and encourage existing clients to invest more. However, it can be tough to attract people to events – as they inevitably involve time out from busy schedules.

In simpler times, event promotion would just be a case of you sending an email invitation out to your marketing list. Basic email marketing platforms can tell you who has and hasn’t opened an email, so you then send a reminder email – possibly more than one – to those who didn’t open the invite.

The problem with this approach is that just because someone opens an invite, doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to attend an event.

But you can now use marketing automation to deliver a much more effective method of event promotion. A sophisticated platform like ProFundCom can delve deeper into your email engagement data to reveal more nuanced behaviour. You can set up an automation that shows you those who opened an invite but did not click on the relevant link, as well as those who clicked on the link but didn’t actually register for the event.

Both of these sets of people are absolutely prime for an automatically generated reminder – as they are obviously very interested, but may need some gentle persuasion to actually attend. But a reminder would not have come their way using the older, cruder system – as they would register as having opened the email.

The chart below demonstrates how this automation works:

How To Use <a class=

marketing automation To Boost Event Attendance” width=”1333″ height=”743″ /> Figure 1: How To Use Marketing Automation To Boost Event Attendance

When people use this more nuanced technique it can dramatically improve results. We have seen ProFundCom clients boost event attendance by up to 30% by introducing this type of automation.

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