How To Use Marketing Automation To Identify New Sources Of AuM

Published: 31 March, 2020

Many fund marketers now realise that marketing automation can boost AuM. But, equally, many don’t understand how.

So, here’s some advice on how you can harness the power of automation to identify new sources of AuM and grow assets.

One way that automation helps is by identifying cross-selling opportunities:

A system like ProFundCom can analyse engagement data from multiple promotional channels – factsheets, emails, social media, website etc – to identify activity relating to existing investors and match it with their current holdings. The next step is for the platform to flag up which of these investors are looking at funds they are not currently investing in. This gives you the hottest of hot leads – as you have someone who already knows and trusts your firm and is obviously considering a further investment. So, the hard work has already been done – and a bit more information and gentle persuasion regarding the fund they are interested in can quickly lead to a successful sales conversation.

Another way that automation can boost AuM is by identifying new people who are suddenly interacting with your content. Identifying those who aren’t already on your marketing database may sound like a dark art, but it’s just a case of zeroing in on information that is freely available to you. The fact is that people tend to self-identify with their name and contact details – by responding to an email, attending an event, subscribing to a list etc etc. Automation can quickly pull all this together and single out the new engagers who are suddenly looking at your content – and to what extent. .

Identifying these new people is very valuable, as they are likely to be receptive to further activity – either through email, a call or being added to some kind of automation process.

But one big question that dominates this issue is how do you pass all this information onto your sales team?

One way of doing this is to put everything onto a spreadsheet. This can work, but it does rely on sales actually opening and reading the document and acting upon the relevant information. For any number of reasons that may not happen.

It is far better for sales to be alerted – and be presented with all the relevant information – through your CRM. Automatic lead scoring can be used to push through details of existing or prospective investors who are ready for a call to your reps. So, your sales team is alerted in real time and can switch to an overview of the prospect in question – and see a digital timeline of all interactions. This presents them with a wealth of powerful, targeted information that can guide the call and make it much more likely to result in success.

The potential offered by marketing automation is vast, as it can help you identify and communicate with those who are most interested in your funds – both prospective and existing investors. And, ultimately that will lead to more sales and more assets under management.


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