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How To Turn Cold Leads Into Hot Prospects

Published: 23 May, 2020

It’s a question the fund marketing teams everywhere struggle with. These leads have obviously looked at your content at some point, but now they’ve dropped off the radar – they’re not responding to any emails or interacting with you in any way.

Why? Perhaps they’ve gone with a competitor, or could have given up on any sort of investment. BUT – they could easily warm up again. Yet marketing teams all too often approach cold leads in the wrong way.

Often, a cold lead strategy is to leave them in the system and churn out the same messaging again and again, in the hope that at some point they will see the light and begin to ‘warm up’. Even worse, many teams just decide to turn them over to sales anyway – in the hope that an actual one-to-one conversation may elicit something. Cue furious sales rep marching into the marketing department demanding to know why unqualified leads are being sent their way.

Don’t forget, your leads are cold for a reason – because they are not responding to what you are currently offering. So you simply cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Go down this route and – for the vast majority of your cold prospects – nothing will change. They will either unsubscribe from your list, or just ignore you.

But you can’t afford to ignore your cold leads. Do that and you are leaving money on the table. Because, with a bit of effort and strategic thinking, many of these people can be turned into actual investors.

But, to turn things around, you need some good advice, so here’s our guide on how to turn cold leads into hot prospects.

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