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The ProFundCom Guide To Investor-Centric Marketing

Published: 23 May, 2020

Without customers, you haven’t got a business – that’s true of any firm in any sector.

This is why good customer relations is such an important aspect of business, as customers are the people every company absolutely has to keep happy.

And in the digital age – where communication is so much quicker and more informed than ever before – customers expect more than ever from their suppliers. This is the reason behind the marketing trend of customer-centric marketing, which means giving clients more of what they want, when they want it, and with a high degree of personalisation.

This concept is just as important and applicable in the fund sector, where it should more properly be called investor-centric marketing.

Today’s investors are increasingly looking for a personalised, client-focused experience. And – to achieve that – marketing, sales, and customer service teams must collaborate to provide it.

Tapping into this trend can be very productive, as by listening to your investors and giving them what they need, you will improve your client acquisition and retention rates and, as a result, boost assets under management.

And – as a marketer – it’s up to you to lead the way. To help you along this white paper suggest four ways that you can introduce investor-centric marketing into your business – and make it a success.

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