How To Successfully Integrate A Data Scientist Into Your Fund Marketing Team

Published: 28 April, 2019

A data scientist can be a massive asset to any fund marketing team. But to help he or she do their job properly, you must think carefully about how to integrate them into your operation. This is vital, as data science is one of the most marketable skills in the business world, and if you don’t look after your data scientist – someone else will quickly snap them up.

It’s vital to give a data scientist the space and freedom necessary to use data to improve results, even if this is beyond your normal scope of operations. So, you should provide opportunities for a data scientist to learn on the job and explore speculative ideas that tap into their curiosity. Don’t try and make them fit a pre-set role – they are a valuable resource and should be given freedom to experiment. You must also educate the rest of your staff, so they are clear the data scientist isn’t there to take jobs away, but rather to complement and build on the skills and experience of your existing fund marketing team.

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