How To Improve Communications To Your Clients

Published: 5 November, 2020

The digital age brings with it a new generation of asset, investment and wealth management clients who demand more and better communication. And the best way to improve in this regard is to communicate with your clients on an individual basis, so they are getting information and support that’s specific to their own situation and account.

And it’s easier than ever to do this, as events and meetings are increasingly moving online, which has positive repercussions for how you deliver your client experience. Face to face meetings and events are no longer the necessity they once were – the same things can be done via video calls and webinars. For instance, it’s no longer necessary to expect someone to travel to an office for an account review, as it can be done just as easily via a video chat combined with real-time document sharing. Equally, events and talks can be replicated online via a webinar. This is a behavioural change that will soon establish itself as the new normal. And the coronavirus pandemic speeded up this process, as firms have been forced – whether they like it or not – to explore digital communication options.

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