Published: 5 November, 2020

Can You Boost Growth Through Automated Fund Event Marketing – Online and Offline?

Events can take your growth up a level, as – just by attending – people put their hands up as a potential investor. And automating your event fund marketing will help promote your events to more people, so will boost attendance and growth.

The best way to promote an event is via email, as it’s a cheap and quick way to reach all your investors and prospects. You can then use marketing automation to reveal useful stats on your recipients. Not just those who did or didn’t open the email, but on a piece of more granular information, such as those who opened an invite but did not click on the relevant link – and recipients who clicked without actually registering. This shows you that while obviously interested, they need some more persuasion – giving you the opportunity to send through automated reminders. By doing this, you will greatly increase the number of attendees at your event, which should lead to many successful sales conversations – thus raising your ROI and boosting your growth.

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