How To Avoid Using Unsubscribe Options Whilst Keeping An Email Compliant

Published: 19 February, 2021

When sending out bulk emails or email blasts there has been a huge emphasis on email personalisation which as we know significantly increases the open and engagement rates. However, the Unsubscribe link immediately reveals the email to be part of a “bulk send” or part of some automated process. To avoid this here is some other phrases that work just as well and are fully GDPR compliant

  • Click here to opt-out of our communications
  • Click here to access your mailing preferences
  • Click here to access our preference centre

No one likes it when someone unsubscribes and there is the element where if they want to go then the least friction you offer the better. However, until the investor clicks Unsubscribe there are some options that you can offer. Some examples are changing the frequency of the emails, changing the funds being reported on or follow on just social media.

Some excellent examples are shown below of preference centres from our clients


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