Published: 19 February, 2021

What Is The Best Way To Build A Preference Center For Fund Managers

Putting investors in control of their digital experience is one of the most successful ways to engage and retain them as well as market additional funds. Information about your investors’ preferences will help you create a personalised experience for them and all the benefits that go with digital personalisation,

The greatest thing about a preference centre is that it helps your investors find a way of being reminded of the value of your brand and content. The challenge with a preference centre is that you are giving people to option to opt-out of everything. And that is the balance that has to be addressed against giving people freedom of choice. There is a whole science behind the illusion of choice and here is a great definition.

The illusion of choice is a psychological mental model that states humans are happy if they believe that have control over their own actions and can exercise free will.  If free will is deprived, or seemingly deprived, from an individual, he or she will become resentful or rebellious, even if the choice forced upon him is identical to the one he would have selected of his own accord.

Here are some of the functional element a preference centre should have

  • The ability to change email addresses.
  • The frequency of communication
  • The type of communication
  • A temporary break from your mailings.
  • Access to communication they may not have previously had access to.
  • The option to unsubscribe from all choices.
  • Have variations of your preference centre. Don’t send investors who select unsubscribe to the same page as those who select to update their email address. #toptip
  • Don’t ask for information you don’t need.
  • Make sure it is mobile friendly.

It is very common to access a preference centre through an unsubscribe button, that is almost too late. The best place for it is prominent on your website and all email footers.

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