Published: 15 February, 2021

How To Use Your Service Providers To Improve Your Asset Raising Efforts – an AlphaWeek Webinar Series

Insights from Digital Communications Technology

Thursday, May 6, 2021 – 3pm GMT / 10am Eastern / 9am Central

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When sophisticated investors conduct due diligence on a money management firm they are looking to evaluate two risks: that of the strategy and that of the business. Buying into the strategy and its implementation are vital but they are also looking for investment firm owners who demonstrate they have a small business owner’s head on their shoulders.

Service providers are an often untapped resource to money management firm owners for counsel and insights on how to optimize business operations for the size of the firm today, and how to thoughtfully expand when it has more revenue to reinvest in the business. Marketing IT support can help improve your asset raising more than you think. However, knowing you need some marketing-related IT to run your investment firm is different from knowing what elements to use and how to use them effectively.

While money management firm owners know that Information Technology plays a significant role in what it takes to run the investment side of their businesses, and know how to use it for that, many have not thought through for their organizations how to effectively use it to support their asset raising efforts. As most lack first-hand experience when it comes to marketing beyond the in-person sales meeting they can find their investment firms end up underutilizing, or unintentionally misusing, software and technology in their marketing and investor relations efforts.

This fireside chat will cover subjects that include:

  • Why content marketing is a requirement, not an option, for the portfolio manager
  • Questions many money management firms never thought to ask, and can’t answer, about structuring and operating a digital marketing system to support their asset raising
  • There’s more than one way to do this right
  • Software can’t do it all — what your executive team members need to do to get value from any IT system for helping run your firm’s asset raising communications and sales marketing efforts



Paul Das

Paul Das, Founder, Managing Director, ProFundCom

Paul is the Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom. Starting the business in 2003, Paul wanted to fulfil a vision to provide digital engagement analytics that would directly benefit sales and marketing processes in financial institutions. This has lead to ProFundCom being totally focused on helping the financial services industry use digital marketing to raise AuM.

Fifteen years later, Paul and his team have successfully built the leading digital marketing platform for finance that brings all elements of digital activity – email, web and social media – into one place.

Paul remains extremely hands-on with heading up the product and client teams and he is also responsible for setting and managing company strategy in conjunction with the executive board.

Paul has an excellent pedigree in software from working at AT&T, Microsoft and Apple, both in the UK and the USA and holds a first-class degree in Electronic Systems Engineering from Kingston University – where he was also the winner of the Cadence Design Prize for his final year project.


Bruce Frumerman

Bruce Frumerman, CEO, Frumerman & Nemeth Inc.

Bruce is CEO of Frumerman & Nemeth Inc., a 33-year-old financial communications and sales marketing consultancy that helps financial services firms create brand identities for their organizations and develop and implement effective new marketing strategies and programs. Frumerman & Nemeth’s work has helped money management firm clients attract over $7 billion in new assets, yet they are not third-party marketers.

Frumerman & Nemeth is internationally recognized for its work in crafting for clients the beyond-the-numbers story of how they invest — content that investment committees actually discuss, debate and vote on behind closed doors when considering firms on a short list for potential investment. Importantly, this is required due diligence content that cannot be communicated in pitchbook format.

Frumerman & Nemeth’s work also includes providing strategic consulting on product and strategy-specific branding, crafting the required strategy-specific content detail and designing and producing the marketing tools needed to make it through the two-month to two-year institutional selling cycle. Clients also employ Frumerman & Nemeth to help promote the intellectual acumen of management — helping them get speaking opportunities, write and give speeches as panelists or stand-alone speakers at industry conferences, and through media relations marketing services.

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