How To Avoid Email Fatigue In Fund Marketing

Published: 19 February, 2021

Email fatigue – is when a marketer is constantly sending emails and is overwhelming the recipients.

The outcomes of this are not pretty  – it leads to resentment towards the sender but worse, the dreaded unsubscribe.

People unsubscribe from email for 3 reasons

  • Emails are too frequent
  • Emails have no value
  • Emails have no relevance

Simply put, sending the wrong message to the wrong person at the wrong time can make your contacts tired of getting your emails. They start to ignore messages, delete them, unsubscribe, or even worse – they send your emails to their spam folder. (c) Dan Baum

To combat this, we are all looking for that perfect frequency for sending emails. For thought pieces and webinars every 6 to 7 weeks. #toptip

One solution is to build a preference centre. See our article on What Is The Best Way To Build A Preference Center For Fund Managers | ProFundCom

Another approach is to work out the best time to send emails. Have a look at When Is The Best Time And Day To Send Emails For Fund Marketing | ProFundCom

The other thing to look at seeing from your engagement data what behaviours are trending over time as shown in the ProFundCom Insights section below that answers 5 questions

  1. Is our engagement growing?
  2. Is our distribution list growing?
  3. Are our emails convincing?
  4. Is our content working?
  5. Are people tired of us?

Best email marketing strategy for fund managers




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