Published: 1 December, 2020

How Do You Use Automation To Boost Your Post-Sales Support?

Automation can help hugely with post-sale investor support. Most obviously because you can automatically track engagement, to see what is resonating most with your investors – and what they don’t like.

This allows you to personalise the investor experience and provide information you know people find useful, rather than sending everything out to all investors. This makes clients value your service more highly and will make them more likely to increase their investment. What’s more, automatic tracking of investor engement can also help you stop an impending redemption – as you can spot signs that an investor has stopped reading and interacting with your content, which suggests sales may need to get involved. A well-timed phone call from a rep can often stop redemption in its tracks. Also, automation can help you spot when investors suddenly show an interest in one of your funds they don’t currently invest in – so alerting you to a potential cross-selling opportunity.

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