Published: 30 November, 2020

When Is the Best Time to Send an Email Campaign?

The answer to “what is the best time to send an email campaign?” is that there is no single “best time” to send an email – it depends on your audience. While there are certain days of the week and times that are generally recommended by the larger email marketing community, when marketing financial products we generally refute those claims.

With ProFundCom there is a panel on the dashboard that allows you to see which day and what time give you the best open rates.

But sometimes the question behind teh question is poor open rates or how to increase the open rates. Bad open rates aren’t just about your send times. If your open rates aren’t looking so good, consider these factors as well:

  • Do You Have a Standout Subject Line?
  • Are You Sending Too Many Emails?
  • Is Your Message Mobile-Friendly?

Do not fall into the  trap from generic marketeers about generic open rate. If anyone mentions Tuesdays and 2:00pm – run to the hills.

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