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Financial email marketing expert ProFundCom heads to Asia-Pacific to expand its client base

Published: 12 June, 2013

London-headquartered ProFundCom, the email marketing specialist to financial services firms, is expanding eastwards to support the growth of the asset management and hedge fund industry in Asia-Pacific.

The firm, which was founded by software engineer and entrepreneur Paul Das, is planning an extended trip to the region in September with a view to setting up a permanent base there. This will add to ProFundCom’s presence in London and New York.

Industry surveys show that wealth creation in Asia is fueling double-digit growth, with the latest figures from the Boston Consulting Group revealing that private financial wealth in the Asia-Pacific ex-Japan region grew by 13.8 percent last year – far outpacing growth in Western economies.

This expanding pool of wealth in the region is reflected in the fact many asset managers are experiencing record inflows from Asia and are investing in their on-the-ground businesses there. However, as the industry matures competition will intensify and companies will have to use all the tools available to build relationships with investors.  “We see a huge opportunity to work with an increasing number of asset managers in the Asia-Pacific region, to help them connect with institutional investors, family offices, private banks and other wealth managers,” said Das.

“Our secure email system will allow them to be compliant in multiple jurisdictions and is also designed to give them the most accurate reporting about who is reading their emails and opening their attachments, all in a way that is relevant and accessible to their sales and marketing teams…and with my Asian heritage it feels like coming home,” he added.

ProFundCom already works with a number of clients in Asia and has been conducting initial market research about the demand for its services there, with very encouraging signs.
ProFundCom’s software ensures a high deliverability rate for emails and restores the integrity to a company’s IP address, allowing them to reach valuable clientele at financial institutions. It then tracks and reports all activity generated by emails and presents this in a user-friendly and customised format. It provides this as a software-as-a-service offering, guiding and working with its clients whenever needed.

About ProFundCom

ProFundCom is a leading email consultancy designed specifically to support sales and marketing to the financial community. Headquartered in London, the firm works with brokers, hedge funds, large fund managers, wealth management boutiques and asset managers. ProFundCom was founded in 2005 by Paul Das.

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