Published: 21 March, 2011

What is engagement in the new version of ProFundCom?

Recently we started tracking emails opened, read, forwarded, printed and scanned in the latest release of ProFundCom – as well as tracking attachments being opened. We then described this as Engagement.

What do we mean by “Engagement”? Working out who is interested in your fund or funds is dependent on how people are engaging with your emails and your website. These are the actions of contact that you may not be in regular contact with (though they could be), but people who are just outside your immediate network. ProFundComgives you the ability to identify these people and bring them closer to you.

There are 4 levels of engagement

– Level 1 – Delivery – are emails being delivered. Ensuring that emails are not seen a s SPAM
– Level 2 – Email Interest – are emails being opened and read. Are they being printed and forwared.
– Level 3 – Attachment – are attachments being opened and read
– Level 4 – Call to Action – are contact doing anything after engaging with your emails

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