The Month in Digital Marketing for Finance – September 2020

Published: 30 August, 2020

The ProFundCom team has curated the best events, opinions, insights and resources relating to digital marketing from the previous month as well as looking forwards to the month ahead. The team not only look to bring you the best articles for investment managers and hedge funds but also articles, in general, that marketers find useful.

Post of the Month

What Is the Marketing Sentiment for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Hedge Funds in August 2020?

What Is the Marketing Sentiment for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Hedge Funds in August 2020?

The chart shows the sentiment across the main financial sectors in August 2020.

  • The general trend for this month is that across the board, positive sentiment has decreased.
  • The biggest losers continue to be Investment Management and Asset Management. With minimal fund launches and asset managers continuing to take COVID-19, the market sentiment is struggling to recover. 
  • Sentiment continues to be suppressed by the lack of COVID-19 vaccine progress as cases increase in emerging markets.
  • Hedge Funds and Wealth Managers continue to buck the trend of Investment Management and Asset Management with them remaining in neutral sentiment territory for the third month – unsurprising given the differences in investment philosophy. Both these sectors seem to be more resilient to macro-economic pressures, as demonstrated in the word-clouds shown below. Access ProFundCom’s Market Sentiment here


Lead Feature

Marketers Underestimate the Role of Creativity in Effectiveness

New research from Kantar finds that marketers are overestimating the impact of factors such as brand versus performance and multimedia, and underestimating creativity and brand size when it comes to ad effectiveness. Read article


HBR – How to Prepare Yourself for a Return to the Office

In the coming weeks, as quarantine restrictions loosen, companies around the world will begin bringing people back to the workplace. While some may be eager to finally get out of their house, a good number of people are still anxious. And if you’re among them, you aren’t alone. Seventy percent of over 1,000 workers surveyed by PwC said there are several factors preventing them from wanting to return to work, with 51% citing fear of getting sick as their major worry. For others, fear of using public transportation and having no reliable solutions for childcare or homeschooling are also concerns. Read more

DMI – 5 Inspiring Covid-19 Marketing Campaigns

Since the start of the lockdown, consumer circumstances and buying habits have changed and brands have been forced to change their operational approach as well as their messaging in response. Many experts have advised this as a time for companies to reassess their brand strategy – one of the many points that came out of our recent podcast episode which included detailed insights on how brands are dealing with the pandemic. Read more

White Marble – What Lessons Can We Learn From Branding Cattle?

We are getting much more involved in brand conversations with our clients. Within the asset management industry, it is very difficult to differentiate on a number of fronts: not many can set themselves apart on price, due to margin pressures in the industry; much of the technology that sits behind the service and interaction is white-labelled, and we all have relatively similar product ranges. Read more


Charting the Cultural Path to Re-opening: The Covid Compass For Brands

The pandemic may no longer be the primary concern in people’s minds around the world, but there is no doubt we are still deeply locked in crises. We asked people about the one thing they hope will no longer exist after the pandemic ends. While the virus ranked first, racism and inequality were second and third. Although there is enormous energy and momentum supporting the potential for change, it’s important to be honest about the extent of the cultural change that we will see. Read more


ProFundCom White Paper Library

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Digital Marketing in Finance – Benchmark

The ProFundCom Digital Marketing Benchmark provides real-time access to all of ProFundCom’s digital marketing data from over the last 15 years, giving users the ability to compare how their marketing campaigns are performing versus sector peers. Further detail of how other organisations are carrying out similar processes and the associated results is also available. The anonymised data is over 10 terabytes in size (which interestingly is the amount of data produced by the Hubble Space Telescope per year!) and will be split into different industry sectors as well as AuM. Access ProFundCom Benchmarking here

Upcoming Online Events

28 – 30 September – TSAM Digital East Coast

Combining the very best of both TSAM Boston, TSAM New York and TSAM Toronto, our East Coast Digital event will feature 6 streams of live panels, Q&A’s and tech demos that you can access anywhere in the world. Each TSAM Digital event delivers an agenda packed with data-driven presentations, debate-led panel discussions, and deep-dive Q&A’s with the most innovative investment management companies. Register here

5 – 9 October – The Festival of Marketing

The Festival of Marketing is a unique digital experience where ambitious marketers can discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together. As the world of business begins the path to recovery, the marketing community will gather at Festival to create a blueprint that will lead their brands through change. Register here

Various Virtual Digital Marketing Events and Training

There are a number of virtual events and training sessions being offered on the Eventbrite platform. LinkedIn Learning is also running a series of courses on marketing. Another excellent resource around managing marketing in a crisis is from Marketing Week

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