The Month in Digital Marketing for Finance – October 2019

Published: 2 November, 2019

Here is the latest ‘Best from the Web’ for digital marketers in finance for the month of October.


Web Summit 2019

4-7 November, Lisbon – Considered one of the best technology conferences in the world, the Web Summit brings together different founders and CEOs of different companies in the technology sector, along with start-ups, politicians and heads of state. The objective is to propose new ideas and innovation for the technology of the future. Register here


December 5-6, London – SHARP is a marketing & PR conference with a difference. The core focus is around in-depth practical advice on a range of marketing and PR topics, followed by implementation plans – so that what you learn on the day will get actioned and make an impact. Register here


Living Group –  Brand and digital intelligence of the world’s leading asset managers

In our 25th and very latest edition of Living Ratings, we’ve rated and ranked the brand and digital intelligence of the world’s leading asset managers, evaluating nearly 100 criteria in our most comprehensive research report to date. There’s clear evidence that the determined firms have continued to invest in strengthening their brands and digital footprints; however, for many other asset managers, it’s a case of one step forward, two steps back. Read more here


Kurtosys – 3 signs that old tech is compromising your regulatory compliance

Financial services firms have never been more subject to stringent regulatory requirements and the consequences for non-compliance can be severe, ranging from potential hefty fines to major reputational damage.  Read more here


ProFundCom Whitepaper: How AI Can Shape The Future Of Your Fund Marketing And Help You Boost AuM

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere in the modern world. From algorithms that predict what we want to watch on television, to driverless transport systems – and much more in between – AI is reaching far and wide. And the world of fund marketing is no exception. AI is having a huge effect in this sector, which is largely due to its ability to handle huge amounts of customer data. AI has the ability to take this torrent of data, analyse it and produce useful information that, when acted upon, can be used to boost sales and profits. Download whitepaper here.

ProFundCom – Transitioning Digital Marketers to Data Scientists

The role of data science in digital marketing: how do you transition from marketer to data scientist? We are firmly set in a digital economy and wherever we look there’s more tech. Marketing departments in financial institutions are buying into multiple systems that deliver a multitude of analytics. But what do we do with all this data? ProFundCom will be scheduling a series of training courses to introduce data science to digital marketers. This event is built for financial services marketing professionals who either want to work with the newly recruited data science teams and understand their terminology or, look at building your own skill set. Register here

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