ProFundCom Survey Reveals Dramatic Rise in Mobile Usage Causing New Challenges for Email Marketers

Published: 4 February, 2013

New data from financial email specialist ProFundCom suggests that people using email to communicate with the financial community need to start thinking seriously about mobile devices.

The usage statistics are relatively low right now but the upward trend is dramatic: based on data from some 295,000 mails sent to financial community addresses, the number of those mails opened on mobile devices has risen from 9.2 per cent in 2011 to 13.9 per cent in 2012. That’s a 50 per cent rise in just a year.

Among mobile devices the most notable increase was with the iPad (up from 38.2 per cent to 42.4 per cent). iPhone usage actually fell (from 57.3 per cent to 53.6 per cent) with predictable if small drops in Blackberry and Nokia S60 devices, while Android showed a small rise (from 2.24 to 2.6 per cent).

ProFundCom’s Paul Das comments “While it’s true that the majority of people are still looking at email primarily on desktop computers there are clear signs of fundamental change. There’s a lot going on in the wider marketplace, particularly with the surge of interest in seven inch tablets from Google and Amazon. There’s the continuing popularity of the iPad, as well as the trend to larger screens on smartphones, so we can safely predict that the dramatic rise seen this year will continue and by this time next year the data is going to look very different.”
Das believes that the diversity of devices will influence how we respond to email.

“Business to investor email communication by email increased by 17 per cent last year. It’s become a crucial channel for analysts and others to put their insights in front of committed and potential customers. But if more and more people are checking on smaller screens, not only do marketers need to ensure that their carefully crafted messages are not being destroyed by the smaller form factor. They need to know who is using what, and adapt their mailings accordingly.”

With a presence in London, New York and India, the firm works with brokers, hedge funds, large fund managers, wealth management boutiques and asset managers.ProFundCom was founded in 2005 by Paul Das.

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