SPAM verification and email previews in real-time

Published: 8 April, 2011

The on-going battle for all hedge fund marketeers is email delivery.

To improve our clients’ confidence in how your emails are delivered and how they appear we at ProFundCom have introduced 2 new services – SPAM verification and Email Previews.

ProFundCom has introduced a service as part of it’s sales and marketing intelligence platform that enables email communicaitons to avoid spam filters and arrive in the inbox every time. ProFundCom passes your emails through all major spam filters. Not only do we show you your spam score, we also try to explain why you got that score. This advice helps you adapt your email’s content to make sure it gets delivered. ProFundCom provides an incredibly wide range of spam filters for you to test with. We cover all major spam filters at ISPs and webmail providers, as well as corporate filters.

In addition to this with the ProFundCom platform you are able to now review screenshots of your email newsletter as it looks across all major email clients. A comprehensive preflight check for every campaign. You send us a copy of your email design via the email wizard. Within 24 hours you’ll see screenshots of your email as it’s rendered by all the different email clients. ProFundCom previews your message on every major mobile device and email client. Have a look here to view how a sample email from us looks in various email clients. Be advised we have added some “failures” in there to show the SPAM verification working in real-time.

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