Published: 10 April, 2011

Blog: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Social Media for Hedge Funds

  • “Should we be worried about Twitter, Facebook and the other social media channels on the internet?”
  • “Should Facebook and Twitter change the way we are marketing our assets and our hedge funds?”

On a regular basis I get asked about the new social networks and how they affect hedge fund and asset management sales and marketing. Having lived and somewhat learnt from the original dot-com crash there are striking parallels that are based on the fear of not being part of the “social network scene” (just like during Web 1.0; where if you did not move all your business to the web you will not survive).

So, focusing on hedge fund marketing and asset manager marketing, I thought that I would summarise these responses in the blog so that I can remind myself what I actually said to people and hopefully provide some answers to the questions relating to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Social Media for hedge funds.
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