Published: 30 June, 2020

REPLAY::ProFundCom Webinar::Five Ways to Raise AuM Using Data Science in Your Digital Marketing

We’ve reached a new era in the digital world – especially if you are working in financial services. The way investors engage with firms is shifting, and companies are changing in ways we have never seen before. This change is creating a fog of marketing data that digital marketers are finding challenging to derive any meaningful information from beyond click-through analytics. The challenge is to find methods to increase marketing RoI that ultimately leads to raising AuM.

In a recent webinar, Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom, gave a 101 on Data Science and how digital marketers can use it to raise AuM. This webinar covered the following topics.

1. Look for the mode, not the mean (Remove Noise)

2. What are the nuggets in your data (Standard Deviation)

3. What have people started doing/what have they stopped doing (Behavioural Analytics)

4. What are the most popular themes (Clustering)

5. Who are the most engaged but not contacted (Negative Correlation)

Click here to access the replay of the webinar

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