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ProFundCom releases App for Account-based Marketing in Finance

Published: 17 March, 2018

Unlike the average IP tracker, the ProFundCom Visitor Track App provides an essential and powerful tool for account-based marketing.

This newly launched App features highly sophisticated matching technology that uncovers, verifies and validates more qualified prospects hiding in website and other digital traffic.  The Visitor Track App is able to provide a transparent view of the companies and industries interested in your products and services as opposed to a list of anonymous website visitors.

“One of the biggest challenges has been to accurately identify anonymous website traffic.  Whilst ProFundCom has been able to do this with traffic generated from within the platform or via self-identification, identifying anonymous traffic has become a bit of a Holy Grail.  With the Visitor Track App we are now able to do this and help our clients with their account-based marketing.  The ProFundCom AppStore has quickly become a revolution in the way finance marketing professionals deploy a digital marketing platform, enabling them to find all the tools they need within one single platform,” said Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom.

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