Published: 26 December, 2020

ProFundCom Releases Latest App::Data Room

ProFundCom has released it’s latest app that provides data room functionality. The app allows a client to access all documents or only a subset of documents.  The app has been built to be used as a file-sharing service, or as long-term information repositories that provide controlled file access during audits, fundraising rounds and other transactions.

The app has been designed with the specific needs of our clients in the financial sector who want to move away from file-sharing to an environment where documents are protected and administrators control the ability of individual users to access different folders and documents. The app uses the same data security protocols as banks and other major financial institutions. All data accessed or transmitted through the platform is encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption. The physical data is stored in secure databases with stringent access restrictions. Security features built directly into the platform—document expiration, fully customizable access, password identification, timed logout, and others—ensure that sensitive data is secure from the user end as well.

“We are delighted to bring another app to the ProFundCom App Store. At ProFundCom we are building better solutions for our clients to help them adapt to the changing economic environment and to support their future growth,” said Paul Das, founder and managing director, ProFundCom. “Get ready for further updates to our App Store.”


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