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ProFundCom continues to lead in innovation stakes with Pardot, Eloqua and ExactTarget component

Published: 7 September, 2016

ProFundCom, the financial services digital marketing platform, has recently launched a new product that will add to their ever-growing range of advanced applications.

Users of other email platforms such as Pardot, Eloqua and ExactTarget can now benefit from ProFundCom’s 100% delivery component, ensuring that emails get past strict firewalls which are specifically programmed to block any email that looks like that it is part of a bulk campaign.

“More and more financial institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to deliver emails to other financial institutions when sent from generic email platforms but at the same time, worry about the risk of change and potentially losing their investment in their workflow and processes” said Paul Das, ProFundCom Founder and Managing Director.

“There is generally the same useless advice on whitelisting, warming up IP addresses and a range of ineffective solutions. What’s even more worrying is that many companies we speak with, do not even know that their emails are not getting through. Platforms and the analytics therein are stating delivery but sadly, this is seldom the case. By working exclusively with the finance space for the last 20 years, ProFundCom has overcome these challenges and ensures 100% delivery. This new component will ensure that financial institutions can ensure delivery without having to change ESP.”

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