ProFundCom Appoints Sam Booth As New Business Director

Published: 3 June, 2012

hedge funds, today announced the appointment of Sam Booth as business development director to lead efforts in customer expansion in the UK and US financial services industries.

Focused on the finance sector, ProFundCom is a marketing and sales intelligence software platform for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Hedge Funds that reports back on how digital communications are being received, offering an in-depth understanding into a marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

Booth joins ProFundCom’s new UK headquarters in London. Prior to ProFundCom, Booth spent seven years at ClearView, a leading financial publishing business. In her prior roles, she supported company growth through creating business opportunities and establishing long-lasting partnerships.

“To sustain our growth, we have begun an expansion into other global regions, and Sam is key to our continued success,” said Paul Das, Founder and Managing Director of ProFundCom. “I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact she has on our business by developing solid connections with customers, and we’re very excited to have her leading ProFundCom’s advance into new markets.”

“”ProFundCom is the only solution in its market to have exceptional detailed analytics and MI that provide sales and marketing teams in financial institutions with unprecedented insight into the performance of campaigns,” said Sam Booth. “ProFundCom automatically generates detailed reports that can be filtered by salesperson, emails opened, emails read, emails printed, emails forwarded, website accessed and attachments opened – providing market leading communication analytics, lead scoring and marketing automation.”

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