Published: 1 February, 2020

How To Use Trust To Boost Fund Investment

One of the great truths of marketing that people are most likely to buy from companies they trust. So, as a fund marketer you have to put an awful lot of work into distributing content that builds trust.

Trust is vital in any sector. This is why almost all big companies no longer simply rely solely on advertising – and instead try to reach and connect with customers and potential customers in new ways – such as events, social media and sponsorship – to try and breed familiarity and trust. But trust is absolutely essential when it comes to anything to do with money. Nobody is going to invest money with someone they don’t trust. So, it’s vital to create and distribute content that actually helps people, rather than simply trying to sell, and positions you as a thought leader within the field. Come across as wise and helpful and your firm will reap the benefit further down the line.

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