How To Use Automation To Improve Investor Communication

Published: 22 December, 2020

Perhaps the biggest factor in using automation improve investor communication is the ability to create unified, cross-channel reporting. Develop a CRM that automatically collects and updates relevant information and you have something that can guide all communications by giving you a powerful insight into the likes, dislikes and engagement history of your clients and prospects.

ProFundCom, for instance, enables this through a lead deck that automatically gathers information from across a CRM to present key data about prospects and investors in one place – without having to jump between various spreadsheets and all the hassle that involves. This is incredibly valuable in regards to communication, as it means sales reps can immediately refer to a full engagement history before and during a call, giving insight into all that investor’s preferences. Also, having direct access to all this information in one place can be hugely beneficial on social media, where people are increasingly inclined to make complaints that everyone can see. But a swift investigation of a CRM can help you respond properly and effectively, which not only helps the client in question but also demonstrates the quality of your customer service to any potential investors who are reading the posts.

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