How Digital Marketing Technology Can Help You Manage Investor Expectations In The Fund Sector

Published: 11 March, 2020

Today’s investors have higher expectations than ever before, particularly as an increasing number have grown up in a digital age where communication and information is  just a few clicks away.

So, marketing technology can be used to ensure that client expectations are met through an efficient and seamless digital service.

The expectations are two-fold. Partly it is a demand that communication should be easy and instant, which can be achieved by investing in AI to manage social media communication and web-chat. Also, digitalisation means that people increasingly want fast access to relevant information. So, up to date and accurate data needs to be available on demand, for example to enable investors to look at real-time status reports in regards to their money. This can be achieved by developing investor portals that can be accessed online and are quick and easy to use.

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