Do open-rates really matter for email analytics of hedge funds and asset managers?

Published: 26 May, 2015

Yes – probably 10 to 15 years ago….

Since then the landscape of digital marketing has changed and importantly how digital communications are accessed by investors as well as prospects has changed. There has been a mindset shift from emails being a non-corporate way to communicate to being now almost the de-facto standard for most asset managers and hedge funds.

Unfortunately, the analytics that are being provided have not kept up with the new growth in digital marketing and just cannot give you the granularity that one needs to make informed strategic and tactical decisions. This is understandable as most digital platforms are built for a more generic audience – from a both user and consumer point of view.

The best that is on offer appears to be a combination of Google analytics backed with some meaningless open-rates and click-throughs. There is not apparent solution that can bring the 2 together in relation to what really matters to hedge funds and asset managers – raising and preserving AuM.

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