Published: 23 July, 2020

Can Event Marketing Convert Cold Leads in The Fund Sector?

On the surface, it may not make sense, but event marketing can actually be very effective in turning cold leads into prospective investors.

Many people just don’t respond to emails and other forms of digital engagement. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are unresponsive to your particular message – just that they don’t engage with emails. So, it could be that an offline or post COVID online format such as an event could be the way to pull them into the fold. It will obviously take some work and persistence to identify those of your cold prospects who are receptive to attending an event. This could include cold calling and direct mail, as these formats may work better in getting the attention. But the beauty of an event is that it’s ‘permission marketing’ – as, by attending the event, someone has literally given you their permission to speak to them. This could convert some of your cold leads into a prospective investor quicker than anything you can do remotely. A chat with a sales rep at a conference or on a conference call or webinar may be the one thing that can ignite their interest in your firm and fund and could lead very quickly to a successful conversation with sales.

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