The Month in Digital Marketing for Finance – August 2020

Published: 25 July, 2020

The ProFundCom team has curated the best events, opinions, insights and resources relating to digital marketing from the previous month as well as looking forwards to the month ahead. The team not only look to bring you the best articles for investment managers and hedge funds but also articles, in general, that marketers find useful. Let’s hope we get to the new-normal as soon as possible.

Post of the Month

With 97% of people preferring to receive fund communications via email, we looked at how email client adoption has changed over the last decade in financial services.

It shows

– Preference to consume data on the desktop
– Data accessed more from corporate accounts
– Optimisation for mobile devices is important
– Growth of mobile
– The demise of Lotus Notes, Nokia and Blackberry – who will be next?


Upcoming Online Events

19 August – 10 Ways to Get More Value From Your Marketing Budget- Financial Services Forum

This series of 40-minute webinars will help you to optimise your digital marketing strategy, including giving your SEO an MOT, optimising your website for conversions and turning audience insight into marketing actions. We’ll be covering the fundamentals over the first 3 sessions, then giving Members the chance to vote on what digital channel masterclasses you’d like to see us put on for the final 3. If you haven’t already voted on your priorities, you can do so here. Register here

10-12 August – ContentTECH Summit

Marketing has become chaotic and unpredictable. We’re ready to embrace it, and the effective use of content and technology are paramount.
Our ContentTECH conference mission is clear: We want to show how the effective use of technology and better processes can help your strategic efforts to create, manage, deliver and scale your enterprise content and provide your customers with better digital experiences.

Join us for ContentTECH Summit to learn how new technologies and innovative processes are fundamentally changing what our work will look like in the next two to five years. Attendees of the 2020 ContentTECH conference will learn from practitioners and experts in content technology and marketing strategy. The best news? Both speakers and attendees are trailblazing pioneers who have set the bar for epic content marketing through technology. Register here

Various Virtual Digital Marketing Events and Training

There are a number of virtual events and training sessions being offered on the Eventbrite platform. LinkedIn Learning is also running a series of courses on marketing. Another excellent resource around managing marketing in a crisis is from Marketing Week

Lead Feature

Infected with COVID-19 – How asset managers can recover – PwC Report

The COVID-19 crisis has hit asset managers especially hard, with some losing almost 50% of their valuation. So far, the end of the crisis is not in sight and a mild scenario is getting more improbable with continuing lock-downs. Download report


Cognito – Three hacks and one tip for better content

Is content marketing an effective tool to drive business or another way to waste budget and time? These days, without ‘live’ events and opportunities for sport sponsorships, content driven marketing is sometimes seen as the magic bullet for communication programs. It can be that – with the right preparation. Let me share with you the basic rule that applies when you are looking for a return on investment from content marketing: “It is not about content marketing”. We see companies – clients and others – that invested significant amounts of money in content marketing. Yet, the way they approached content marketing was not unlike a hobby. Money was spent, effort expended but the result was just a lot of fun with no economic value. Better search rankings were achieved, but that in itself does not bring business. (It also can be accomplished for less money.). A forceful push in content marketing does not guarantee leads, conversion and financial results. Read more

Peregrine – 5 Top Tips to Webinar like a Pro

In the last two months, the term ‘webinar’ has seen a 400% increase in google search traffic as the world grapples with how to communicate in a COVID-19 world. Now is the time to take your brand communication online, adapting pitch decks, thought leadership content and investor calls, to suit the online medium. One of the best ways to connect with your audience online is through the use of webinars. This article will explore how you can ‘webinar like a pro’ and connect in a much more powerful way online. Read more

White Marble – 2020: so far, so digital

We recently held the user group meeting for our benchmarking service (Metrologis). In addition to our usual review of digital marketing benchmarks, we spent time looking at the impact of COVID-19 on investment management firms in 2020. Metrologis gathers data across website traffic, email, social profiles, search visibility, as well as site performance, and enables member firms to compare their marketing performance across those channels. Read more


Marketing Week – Avoiding the long, slow death: How Coca-Cola’s brand cull will help it bounce back from Covid-19

Threatening to cut up to 200 ‘zombie’ brands might sound drastic but coronavirus provides companies with the opportunity to scrutinise their financials and clarify their strategies if they are willing to take it. One way Coca-Cola is responding to its poor results is by “weeding out” what it calls zombie brands – those with little opportunity for growth and often confined to a single country. Somehow it has 200 of these and they make up just 2% of its revenues. Read more


ProFundCom White Paper Library

How To Use Automation To Improve The Investor Experience

How To Improve Client Engagement In The Wealth Management Sector

The ProFundCom Guide To Effective Blog Marketing

Using Your Website To Generate Leads

6 Ways To Use AI To Boost AuM

Digital Marketing in Finance – Benchmark

The ProFundCom Digital Marketing Benchmark provides real-time access to all of ProFundCom’s digital marketing data from over the last 15 years, giving users the ability to compare how their marketing campaigns are performing versus sector peers. Further detail of how other organisations are carrying out similar processes and the associated results is also available. The anonymised data is over 10 terabytes in size (which interestingly is the amount of data produced by the Hubble Space Telescope per year!) and will be split into different industry sectors as well as AuM. Access ProFundCom Benchmarking here

Digital Marketing in Finance – Market Sentiment

In conjunction with ProFundCom’s Benchmarking service, the Marketing Sentiment service uses multiple data sources to determine the marketing sentiment for the various sectors in financial services. It is based on press coverage, social media as well as specific opinion pieces. The algorithm is self-learning but we hope that in the next few months it will continue towards AI maturity. The aim of this new service is to help our clients and fellow marketers in finance use the latest AI and Machine Learning tools to fine-tune their messaging. Sentiment analysis is the automated process that uses AI to identify positive, negative, and neutral opinions within an incredibly broad set of data. Access ProFundCom’s Market Sentiment here


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