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ProFundCom - Hedge Fund Marketing Automation and Sales Lead Management

With ProFundCom’s sales and marketing intelligence platform you can find out who is really interested in your funds and products.

Hedge Funds and Asset managers who want to increase sales rely on ProFundCom more than all other marketing platforms combined. ProFundCom continually drive ROI and increases sales and marketing efficiency by providing advance lead management and marketing automation. ProFundCom provides

Sales Intelligence for Hedge Funds

  • which prospects are interested in which products
  • where are the cross selling-opportunities
  • which contacts are best placed to target sales effort

Marketing Intelligence for Hedge Funds

  • what type of communication works
  • how are contacts are engaging with your communications
  • what affects the success of a marketing campaign

Transform the way you approach hedge fund and asset management marketing and sales with ProFundCom, the finance sector's number one sales and marketing intelligence product. ProFundCom extend your existing processes and improves how you manage your prospects, execute hedge fund marketing campaigns and events, manage and deliver leads to sales and measure your branding and marketing impact for your funds.

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ProFundCom is a hedge fund marketing and sales intelligence software platform that reports back how your communications are being received, offering insight into its effectiveness. ProFundCom answer the question.

"Which of my prospects and contacts are interested in which of my funds?"

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How it works to improve hedge fund sales efficiency

Email offers the simplest means to stay in touch with clients and potential clients. But we all know the problem. There’s a daily junk cascade falling on our inboxes. How do you ensure that your communication stands out? The key is relevance: your communication has to be immediately meaningful to the right people, the people interested in what you have to say. That’s why ProFundCom starts by combining the efficiency of bulk mailing with effective personalisation.

Familiarity generates a 70 per cent increase in opening rates: ProFundCom can automatically match the names of specific funds or sales people to particular clients. This name appears in the mail header, alongside your subject line.

When the email is opened, the contents need to be instantly appealing: concise, easy to take in and personalised. Once again ProFundCom helps the process with smart templates and automated customisation.

The richer your database, the more effective your personalisation can be. ProFundCom helps you develop this insight by tracking which funds and prospects are interested and building profiles over time. ProFundCom tracks when an attachment is opened, logging the data in our system and correlating these activities against individual user profiles. We can present these correlations in different ways to yield different insights. Typically you can

  • see quickly which funds or reports are of particular interest to a contact (by tracing which documents have been opened)
  • see which mailings are most popular (or unpopular)
  • judge who is most likely to attend your events and tailor your invitations accordingly
  • create user interest summaries for particular sales people. All this information is brought together and presented accessibly and flexibly through a visual dashboard.

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Get unparalleled insight into your funds, prospects and opportunities.

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Supporting email marketing in finance

  • Email Tracking
  • Deep Reporting
  • Delivery Management
  • CRM Integration

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New ProFundCom calendar apps

The new app lets you automatically insert events into people's calendars - a feature requested on the LinkedIn Hedge Fund group.