Published: 22 September, 2020

Why Has The Investor Journey Become Non–Linear – And What Does It Mean For The Fund Marketing Sector?

There is no longer a linear investor journey in the digital age. Whereas once it went, basically, from first contact, to meeting with a relationship manager, to sale – now the journey is all over the place, with various digital touchpoints along the way.

You now connect with a prospect in multiple different ways and across multiple different channels in the lead to a sale. More often than not, the first step is an introduction to your firm through some form of thought leadership content. Whereas once it was performance that caught the eye, it is now pertinent and intelligent insight into sector-specific topics that are an initial attraction for a potential investor.   From there, the next logical step on the journey is a visit to your website – where you should have more thought leadership content available, to further underline your credentials. From then on, if the job of digital marketing is being done properly, the prospective investor should encounter you everywhere – from emails to social media, to blogs, and press pieces. Even post-sale this process should continue, through digital onboarding, ongoing investment advice, regular account updates and even (if necessary) retention review.

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