What Is the Marketing Sentiment for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Hedge Funds in April 2020?

Published: 26 April, 2020

ProFundCom has released another new feature called Marketing Sentiment.

In conjunction with ProFundCom’s Benchmarking service, the Marketing Sentiment service uses multiple data sources to determine the marketing sentiment for the various sectors in financial services. It is based on press coverage, social media as well as specific opinion pieces. The algorithm is self-learning but we hope that in the next few months it will continue towards AI maturity.

The aim of this new service is to help our clients and fellow marketers in finance use the latest AI and Machine Learning tools to fine-tune their messaging. Sentiment analysis is the automated process that uses AI to identify positive, negative, and neutral opinions within an incredibly broad set of data.

Market sentiment refers to the overall attitude of investors toward a particular security or financial market. It is the feeling or tone of a market, or its crowd psychology, as revealed through the activity and price movement of the securities traded in that market. In broad terms, rising prices indicate bullish market sentiment, while falling prices mean bearish market sentiment. Whilst this has been the preserve of traders in the past, ProFundCom has now made this accessible to marketing professionals.

The chart below shows the sentiment across the main financial sectors

What Is the Marketing Sentiment for Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Hedge Funds in April 2020?

For the month of April, wealth management and Private Banking seem increasingly positive, while the pandemic has sharply hit Asset Management and Investment Management. Hedge Funds, whilst neutral, seems to be on an upward curve primarily due to their ability to manage Black Swan events.



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