Published: 27 November, 2022

Top Marketing Automation Mistakes That Fund Marketing Teams Make

Most marketers surveyed say they use automation in their marketing role, but they need to address the following first.

  • Dirty data
  • You set and forget
  • Single automation strategy
  • Automation software and  CRM do not integrate
  • No goal or outcome
  • No email segmentation
  • Wrong automation tool
  • Your marketing and sales teams aren’t aligned
  • No internal training

Dirty data

For automations to work, you contact data must be clean. This can include duplicate records, outdated and incomplete contact information. It is more than likely that your existing lists have users that are disengaged, spam and honey-pot email addresses, and duplicate emails that affect the quality and integrity of your data. This will reduce engagement numbers and damage your sender reputation. For your automation to function properly, it’s essential that you work with clean data to ensure your work will be worth the effort you’re putting in.

Don’t set and forget

You can’t just set up one automation and expect leads to come flooding in. Automations must be monitored against your success criteria and then tweaked if necessary. Too many people leave automations running and then forget about them only to add an identical automation a few months later – either breaking the process or sending multiple emails with the same content to the same people at the same time.

Single automation strategy

Marketers start using marketing automation on a single channel when they start their automation journey and just leave it at that. As your marketing automation journey progresses, add more channels and experiment with more features and see what add more incremental value to your lead generation process.

Automation software and  CRM do not integrate

CRMs are built to hopefully manage leads and customers better. Whilst marketing automation software is meant to make marketing easier. If these systems don’t talk to each other, you are just adding to your workload and making yourself inefficient.

No goal or outcome

Before an automation is created, it is worth thinking about the outcome or the goals that need to be achieved. It could be more engagement, more downloads of content or just leads getting more familiar with your brand. Whatever it is, it needs to be discussed and agreed, and then the automations need to be built and monitored against that criteria.

No email segmentation

Marketing automation is critical in developing a lead nurturing strategy that includes email list segmentation. Email list segregation based on interests give you the ability with marketing automation to send specific emails to specific people they have a higher chance to engage with..

Wrong automation tool

There are a lot of marketing automation tools on the market, and the salesperson can quite easily seduce you into how good the after-care support is. Don’t be fooled. Most marketers find that the support after buying the products is at best, abysmal and results in the underutilisation of whichever platform has been selected.

Your marketing and sales teams aren’t aligned

If marketing teams are not generating leads for the sales team, then you are losing a high advantage. Some of this is ego lead, and some of this is a lack of leadership but whatever it is, don’t let it be because of not having a great marketing automation process in place.

No internal training

Goes without saying right?



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