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ProFundCom Sponsors CTA EXPO In New York

Published: 24 April, 2013

ProFundCom, the leading email marketing consultancy for the financial services industry, is delighted to announce that it will be sponsoring this year’s CTA EXPO in New York, on 25 April.

CTA EXPO was established in 2008 to help professional capital raisers and allocators find futures trading talent, as well as to promote investing in managed futures. In the five years since its inception, it has expanded into a yearly schedule of events spanning New York, London, Chicago and Miami, and attracted some 500 attendees in New York last year.

The CTA EXPO 2013 in New York – the twelfth CTA EXPO conference – will be hosted at the famed NYMEX building, and is expected to draw some of the industry’s brightest talent. It will feature high-level speakers and panel sessions, as well as presentations from a number of funds and traders.

ProFundCom joins a number of other world-class financial institutions in sponsoring this exciting event for the industry.

“This is an extremely important market for ProFundCom, both in terms of the sector of the financial services industry it represents, as well as the region – as New York continues to hold its place as the world’s number one financial centre in the league tables,” said Paul Das, founder and chief executive of ProFundCom.

“At the same time, managed futures have experienced substantial growth over the past decade, and we are dedicated to working with an increasing number of these businesses, helping them to communicate with prospects and grow their market share,” said Mr Das.

ProFundCom’s email platform, with its emphasis on compliance, deliverability and real-time feedback, was designed specifically to help asset managers meet the challenges of marketing to financial institutions and other investors.

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ProFundCom is a leading email consultancy established to support sales and marketing to the financial community. Headquartered in London, the firm works with brokers, hedge funds, large fund managers, wealth management boutiques and asset managers. ProFundCom was founded in 2005 by Paul Das.
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