ProFundCom And Decimal Point Forge Award-Winning Client Engagement Partnership

Published: 3 August, 2012

ProFundCom, the leading provider of hedge fund marketing and asset management solutions, has entered into a partnership with Decimal Point Analytics, a leading consultant in the space of research solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, Decimal Point will deliver and support the ProFundCom platform for a number of clients globally.

ProFundCom allows client services teams, sales teams and marketing teams to respond quickly and efficiently to ever-changing communication reporting requirements, without recourse to IT. It is controlled by client services professionals via a range of easy-to-use dashboards and automated workflow tools. ProFundCom generates premium and detailed reports, incorporating customized data, charts and personalized commentary.

“ProFundCom and Decimal Point share a common goal of transforming technology into competitive advantage. ProFundCom brings domain expertise in hedge fund, asset and investment management, financial reporting and client communications, while Decimal Point brings extended reach, integrated offerings and system integration expertise. The partnership will help wealth and asset managers with extensive global communications and engagement management requirements to increase efficiency and enrich client experience,” said Narendra Joshi, president of financial services & business services, Decimal Point Analytics.

Our clients include Saxo Capital Markets, Guardian Securities and Alexander David.

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