How To Maximise The Value Of Your Data Analysis

Published: 11 November, 2017

OK, we know that content is most useful if you analyse how people interact with it. But how exactly do you deal with the huge amount of information that could come flooding your way?

The problem with content

Analysing the data that results from effective digital communication with investors reveals much vital information. This includes engaged prospects who are ready to invest, new prospects who have been dormant but are now showing interest, investors who are not engaging with your communications or may be looking to redeem, and opportunities to cross-sell to existing investors. You can also identify those who – because they are saying positive things about you online and sharing your content – could act as a champion for your brand.

This information can then be used to establish who should be contacted, when, and what you should talk about.

However – due to lots of content across multiple channels – successful analysis is no easy task.

Call in the experts

The answer to this problem is to employ a data scientist – someone whose sole job is to derive useful insights from data. This is a role that is becoming increasingly important across society – from predicting future weather patterns to developing cures for diseases.  But, in the financial world, your data scientist is there to analyse how people are interacting with your firm’s content and then to provide the vital information talked about above.

The importance of this cannot be ignored. As I said earlier, the influence of relationship managers – traditionally the chief source of asset raising – is waning. In their place, it will be data scientists who are going to play the biggest part in delivering new investment.

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