Case Study

Lesmoir-Gordon, Boyle & Co. – Improving Investment Opportunities to Partners

“ProFundCom has revolutionised the way in which we market prospective deals and investment opportunities to our partners.”

Andrew Boyle, Director –  Lesmoir-Gordon, Boyle & Co.

The Problem

LGBCO had a loyal partner base who were eager to receive information about investment opportunities from the firm. However, this audience was also extremely busy. LGBCO needed to engage these investors without overloading them with unnecessary information or time-consuming processes. Its former system used attachments rather than links in emails, meaning partners’ inboxes were clogged up with large files like presentations which all required time to download. Another problem the firm faced was how best to follow up on these communications with a limited staff.

The ProFundCom Solution

LGBCO began creating and sending emails using ProFundCom, with immediate effects:

  • Email attachments were replaced by quick links to documents held on ProFundCom’s server, speeding-up delivery and increasing recipient satisfaction.
  • Mailing lists were centralised and grouped, allowing the firm to send several targeted emails at the click of a button.
  • Designing email templates using ProFundCom improved the look, feel, and consistency of marketing communications.
  • Easily monitored response rates allowed staff to see which recipients had clicked on which investment idea – providing information to base telephone follow-up on.
  • Staff could also follow-up those who had not clicked on any links – resulting in tailored emails and the opportunity to investigate technological issues possibly affecting delivery to the recipient’s server.

Perhaps most importantly, though, ProFundCom enabled Lesmoir-Gordon, Boyle & Co to scale up whilst maintaining its high standards of investor relations. f individual sales team members.


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