Published: 12 June, 2022

Zoom Automations For Fund Marketing

With Webinars and Zoom/ Teams calls now part of the marketing mix, there is a new need to capture this data.

With this data, marketing teams can feed this into CRM systems as well as into ProFundCom’s LeadDeck to work out the best prospects to speak to.

In addition to this, with Zoom automation, you can increase engagements by looking at doing the following

  • Message everyone who has registered for a webinar
  • Message everyone who has opened the registration form but has not registered
  • Message everyone who has opened the email invite but has not registered
  • Message everyone who has not engaged at all with the invitation

If you are building out a nurture campaign, a useful automation is to email registrants an additional email with a specific call to action. The call to action could be an offer that does not relate to the actual webinar and gets better engagement if the recipients have never registered for a webinar before.


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