Published: 3 May, 2021

Why You Must Look After Existing Investors On Your Fund Website

Your fund website must cater for your existing investors, as well as those who are new to your firm – as people who are already investing with you can develop into a cross-selling lead that can be persuaded to invest in another fund under your management.

A lot of time and money is spent in fund marketing on bringing in new investors. But this is all too often at the expense of existing investors, which is a bad mistake. So, you must make sure that your site looks after your existing investors and makes them feel looked after and valued. But what you’re existing investors want to see is likely to be different than the priorities of your potential investors. For example, they probably want live information about particular products or funds. So , it may be a good idea to have section of your site that is purely designed or existing investors, which gives them all the resources they need.

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